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See how your baby experiences the world and follow along as their vision develops.

With Baby’s Vision you can simulate what your baby sees and explore the world together. See how flowers, pets and people look like to your little one.


When my daughter was born and looked at me, I couldn’t help but wonder what she might see. So in one of the many sleepless nights, I researched newborn vision and found descriptions of their capabilities and abstract videos that try to visualize it, but nothing was truly easy to grasp (especially sleep deprived).

As a developer myself, I couldn’t find a suitable app that would help me explain this to friends or family either. A few sleepless nights later, I had my first prototype ready.

Since then, I’m tweaking the filters to match recent research and keep adding features that I, as a parent myself, would like to see.

I’ve summarized my story here, if you’re interested.


If you encounter any issues or feel something is missing, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I promise, you’ll get a personal response back!

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